True Mortgage is built on simplicity, honesty, creativity, and always doing what's best for our clients.  Our Core Values are what define us.

  1. Keep it Simple.  Mortgages and the process to obtain one are complex and confusing.  Our commitment to each client is to simplify it all.  We use easy to understand language and break the process down into small steps so it doesn’t become overwhelming.  There are no stupid questions, so feel free to ask us anything.
  2. Be Real and Authentic.  We are just normal people who have had our own up’s and down’s in life.  We won’t judge your situation, but we will be real with you and tell you how that affects your ability to get a loan.  We have lots of loan options so hopefully we can find one that works for you, but if not we will work with you so that in a month, 6 months, a year or beyond we can shake your hand at the closing table.
  3. Transparency is key.  We don’t play games and use gimmicks when it comes to your mortgage and finances.  For most people a mortgage is the single largest transaction they will ever have.  We take the responsibility to advise and educate you seriously, so you can make an informed decision and sleep well at night knowing you had all the facts.  We are upfront and transparent not just with our fees, but with all the costs associated with obtaining a mortgage.  If you have questions or concerns let’s talk through them.
  4. Don’t do what everyone else is doing.  The mortgage industry is flooded with those who only want to work with the best, most well-qualified clients.  That is not us.  Everyone deserves to own a home and that is why we have diversified lenders that offer loan programs not just for A+ borrowers, but also for those who have challenges, whether it be self-employed, divorce, bankruptcy, credit issues or some other circumstance that keeps them out of the small box others lenders have to offer. 
  5. We want your referrals and repeat business.  The only way our business succeeds over the long-term is through repeat clients and referrals from happy customers.  We treat each client with fairness, dignity, and respect.  Our hope is that you will be a life-long customer and friend, and not just someone we did a loan for at one time or another.